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The End Time Beast

Prophecy is very interesting, but more than that, we are to watch the events of our times, so that we understand and are not deceived. We need wisdom and understanding to perceive the events of the end time, also. The warning Yahusha/Jesus gave us in Mathew chapter 24 is that we should guard against deception. This includes false brethren who come to us with false doctrine, trying to lead us away from truth that pertains to Yahuah/God and the Kingdom and events of the end time.

However, it also pertains to the end time organization or leader that will try to put all the world under his evil subjection. This is what we are concerned with today.

The word beast is used 157 times in the Word. Most of the references do not apply to the beast of the end time. In the past, many teachers have taught that Europe will be the beast that will come out with the Mark and cause all to worship it. However, this model does not fit the scriptures, as we will see.

There are two beasts of the end time. One is a group of countries led by a man who dominates the Middle East. 

The man is called the `man of sin`. He is a political leader. This beast contains the people, or countries, that follow him to do his evil agenda. The first beast is a political-military machine that dominates the Middle East (Revelation 13:1). The second is a man who is a religious leader who says, "Follow and obey the first beast." (Revelation 13:12) These two will be given all the power, seat and authority of Satan himself (Revelation 13:2)

In fact it is probable that he, Satan, will enter into the man of sin personally. All the work of the end time beasts is the final work of Satan, in his final bid to take Yahusha's/Jesus's throne and position. In the very end, Yahuah/God, through the fifth angel, pours out the vial plagues on the end time beast and on his kingdom.

Where is that? The Middle East!

Why is all this important? 

As the beast takes the stage and does its work, we will see how close we are to the end. 

Second, Yahusha/Jesus said that false Messiahs would arise and deceive many. It is possible that the man of sin will call himself the Messiah. Or it may be that the false prophet will call the man of sin the Messiah, and deceive many! So we need to watch. 

The articles below shed new light and understanding on the entire end time beast scenario.