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Constantine Wrote Matthew 28:19 Into Your


Were You Baptized in Yahusha’s (Jesus’) Name?

Were you immersed contrary to the Bible? A Roman Emperor insisted that Trinitarian wording be inserted into the Latin Vulgate Bible as it was being written. This article explains how the fraudulent text has crept into virtually every modern English version of the Bible, and has even eluded being discovered by sects that don’t teach that Aluhym (God) is a Trinity. The question becomes: Does it matter whose name you were immersed into?

The Test of Consequence

When we are immersed (baptized), do we “put on” the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? No. Do we put on the name of Yahusha/Jesus? Yes. When we are immersed in the name of Yahusha/Jesus, according to all the immersion accounts recorded in the Bible, we are quite literally being immersed “into” the name of Yahusha/Jesus, (I prefer to use the Hebrew name that His friends, neighbours and family called Him rather than the English name Jesus however I have no problem in anyone using Messiahs name in any language).

Galatians 3:27 Those who have been immersed into the Messiah have put on Messiah.

No mention is made in the Bible of any immersion being related to the titles of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Every actual account mentions a clear connection with the person of Yahusha/Jesus, and His atoning sacrifice.

The Test of Practice

Did the Disciples, as they were implementing the “Great Commission” ever once immerse into the Trinity? Never! Did they immerse in the name of Yahusha/Jesus?—Always! (Acts 2:38; 8:16; 10:48 (inferred); 19:5, etc.) The argument has been made when defending triune immersion; “I would rather obey Jesus, than to imitate the Apostles.” This kind of reasoning tho, places the Apostles in rebellion, and makes all Apostolic immersions contrary to the inspired Words. If all of His Words are inspired and they are then we shouldn’t try to put one verse against another, but rather seek to reconcile all of Aluhym's (God's) Words in proper context, and rightly apply them to our lives. It is easier to believe that the Disciples followed the final instructions of Yahusha/Jesus, than to believe that they immediately disobeyed His command!

If we actually read the Bible in its entirety we will find other scriptures that show where Yahusha/Jesus actually does say that whatever the Apostles will preach is what will be the message that will bring mankind to salvation.

John 17:20 “My prayer is not for them alone (the Apostles). I pray also for those who (those hearing the message) will believe in me through their (the Apostles) message.

So the prayer of our Messiah is for all those who will believe on him through the message of the Apostles. In other words whatever the Apostles preach and teach will be what will bring us to Salvation, of course it's Yahusha/Jesus who saves.

Another common mistake nearly everyone makes is not reading before and after a particular verse to get its intended context I would encourage everyone to adopt what I have recently come into called the 20/20 rule. This means that we should read twenty verses before a verse and twenty verses after a verse in order to get the full and correct understanding.

In Matthew 28:9, most English translations have, "Hail", "Peace" or "Greetings", However as you can see below in the Shem Tov reference of Matthew 28:9 Yahusha/Jesus says "May the NAME deliver you". This I believe to be the verse that closes the deal so to say as the Name of Yahusha means Yah is Salvation.

Above Matthew 28:9 Yahusha/Jesus declares "May the Name deliver you"