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The Sabbath in the New Testament

The Greek language transliterates the Hebrew term ‘Sabbath’ to become ‘sabbata’ or ‘sabbaton’, meaning Sabbath (day) or the Sabbath, and these are the terms used in the New Testament for reference to the Sabbath. 

An interesting variation is found in Hebrews 4:9, where the term, rest, is translated from sabbatismos, a Sabbath rest, or the keeping of a Sabbath.

The general, New Testament terms for ‘rest’ are:

(i) Anapausis, cessation, refreshment, rest. (Matthew 11:29)

This term is used constantly in the Septuagint for the Sabbath rest.

(ii) Katapausis, causing to rest, putting to rest. (Hebrew 4:1,3,11)

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